This is one of my favorite projects. It began in 2010 and is still unfinished. I'd like to point out from the beginning that this is just an A2 poster preview of the work and not the actual calendar. It also works as a poster but the concept behind is different. I won't go into all the technical details, but in short this is how it works:
Imagine 2 different circles, A and B. A is the calendar and B is the 2011 logo inside it. Now imagine that  B is fixed in the middle and is pinned onto a wall, while A is turning around B in a rotary motion on the same axis (see the image below). This concept is based on human interaction, altough I've had another idea to make it as an ultra-slow moving clock, which will turn automaticaly. But that's a whole new story.
My question, and the whole point of this presentation is: 
"Will anyone be interested in having such a calendar at the office/home? Do you think it's a good idea?"
Thank you for your cooperation and, enjoy!
Thank you!
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